Tail NumberEdit

This number serves two purposes:

  1. The tail number will show up on the tail number "instrument" if one has been added to the Panel.
  2. The built-in ATC (Air Traffic Control) in X-Plane will refer to you by your callsign (see below) followed by the tail number.

Note: For information on how to select a tail number, check out Wikipedia - Aircraft Registration Numbers.


Enter your name here.


Enter a short description of the aircraft type here.

ICAO CodeEdit

If the aircraft type has an ICAO code (alternate source), you can enter it here.

Confirm Please - This has no direct function in X-Plane by itself, but is useful when flying on-line with plug-ins including XSquawkBox and X-IvAp, allowing the plug-in to automatically identify your aircraft type, and controlling what aircraft type you appear as to other on-line pilots.

(ToDo: The ICAO requests that types not listed are referred to by the reserved code ZZZZ. Does it make sense to enter ZZZZ in X-Plane?)

Call-sign for ATCEdit

If a call-sign is entered here, the Air Traffic Controller (ATC) will refer to you with this call-sign, followed by the tail number less its first letter.

Note: If no call sign is entered here, the ATC will instead use the first word of the filename of the aircraft file (as separated by a space) instead.


Special mention:

  • Vspeeds determine some characteristics, like catapulting speeds
  • Vspeeds and G limits left blank can lead to aircraft falling apart if damage is set to "on"
  • If multiengine Vspeeds are entered and the airplane is reduced to a single engine, the airspeed indicator will continue to have the multiengine Vspeed marking though they are not readily editable. (Add another engine temporarily and zero the offending Vspeeds.) [8.60]
  • Are Vspeeds always defined in knots, or are they mph if the speed units are set as such?
  • Stall warning alpha has many more effects than one would think at first. It is used as initial setting for the angle-of-attack bug on the round angle-of-attack instrument. If the value is changed on that instrument, its new setting overrides the value entered in the viewpoint screen.

Various OptionsEdit

Note: The option "has marker beacon audion" actually determines not only marker beacon audio, but also the Morse code radio beacon identification audio available via the audio panel.



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